Tidal Impact - Thursday

Our second last day of Tidal Impact was fantastic! God continues to amaze me as he works in and through these teenagers and leaders!

On Thursday morning we continued our morning ministries - Adventure Camp at Emmanuel Baptist and Basketball Camp down the road at Full Gospel Church. JB's basketball crew has been working hard to encourage the kids to grow in their basketball skills and, through coaches corner, their understanding of God through his Word. Each day a different member of our Tidal Impact team has taught coaches corner - both a stretching and growing moment! Love it!

In the afternoon on Thursday our team joined 1/2 of the Halifax part of Tidal Impact for our fun event! We went to Bayside Camp where we played field games [our team dominated the game!] and then went swimming, made s'mores and had fun in a giant soap slide. It was the perfect afternoon together!

We finished the day at Rock Church at another worship / teaching night. Thursday at Tidal Impact is always my absolute favorite night. On Thursdays we sing, we learn, and then as teams we participate in communion together. We brought glow sticks for fun - also helpful when looking for our team in the crowd!

Our speakers, Dennis and Mistin, taught about our calling to SHOW the STORY of the gospel in our communities and to our neighbours. It was incredible to hear the story of a man named Chris who Jesus transformed from an activist for marijauna use in Vancouver to a follower of Jesus and the worship leader at their church. Incredible! After they taught us we celebrated communion together - as we broke bread and as we prayed it was obvious that the youth and leaders were moved. As we prayed together, their heartfelt prayers of about how Jesus has changed them and about how God is at work in them this week were inspiring!

As we head home at the end of the day on Friday, our final day, we have many memories to share. We are not the same as when we left. God has been at work.