Tidal Impact - Wednesday

When we woke up this morning we were over half way done our Tidal Impact week. Tonight as we drove home, one of the boys staying at the same house as me was lamenting that TI wasn't two weeks long! The connections, the ministry, the opportunities, the stretching - God is having an impact on us as ell as on those we are serving!

Today began with our Adventure Camp and Basketball Camp like Monday and Tuesday did. Both were great today! It's exciting to see the youth from our two churches step up as leaders.

This afternoon was our community service afternoon. The goal is for the local church to arrange for opportunities to serve which will build bridges to and have an impact in the community. Our team served be cleaning inside and outside of a community recreation center just up the road from the church on one side, and baking cookies & muffins for the staff at a seniors' home up the road in the other direction. Others were involved in helping with projects at EBC which will have an impact on the children's ministry there.

This evening was our massive food drive. Always it amazes me when we do food drives that God stirs the hearts of people to provide so much food! This time was unique compared to other food drives I've been a part of during youth events. There were about 20 people from the Emmanuel Baptist congregation who came to serve alongside of us. Instead of the 5 vehicles who delivered flyers to homes on Monday we had 10 vehicles who collected food. It was an effective all ages experience!

As we went back to the homes we are staying in tonight our hearts are full and we are inspired by what God is doing this week. Keep praying for us - we have two very full days left.