Join us at VACATION BIBLE CAMP for a fantastic mix of large group celebrations, Bible story telling, & our fantastic Choose Your Own ADVENTURES! We are excited to be sharing incredible Bible stories and fun activities with your children!

Our Vacation Bible Camp is from 9am – 1230pm, Monday to Thursday, August 19-22!  All children from age 3 – grade 5 [2018-2019 school year] are invited!

Drop-off and Pick-up

Please plan to arrive as close to 9am and 1230pm as possible.  Please come inside our main church entry doors with your children when you arrive in the morning, so that children are not walking through the busy parking lot on their own. Children will not be dismissed from our auditoriums until parents or guardians enter the room to pick them up.  This is to allow dismissal to be as safe as possible for your children.

Preschool Camp and Elementary School Camp - Yes, We run 2 VBCs at the Same Time!

Preschool kids and Elementary school kids are very different so we run two different programs! All children, from age 3 – grade 5 [2018-2019 school year] enter the same doors and go though registration but after that we separate into different programs. Children who attended school in 2018-19 are a part of our elementary age Vacation Bible Camp and head to our main sanctuary. Children who are age 3-5, who have not attended school yet, are a part of our preschool Vacation Bible Camp and are escorted to our multipurpose room. These two camps run independently from one another all week until our Thursday closing.

Theme & Dress Up Days - “hey Mom & Dad… they said we get to dress up…!”

This year our theme is TO BOLDLY GO! - A Space Theme! We like to add FUN everywhere we can! Children are encouraged [it’s optional, but fun!] to dress up on Wednesday for Dress Like a Astronaut or an Alien Day!

Bible Stories

Each morning we will tell Bible story during Bible Time and they discuss the same story in their small groups. In these Bible Times for 2019 we will teach the children stories about the followers of Jesus and how they were sent into the whole world to share the incredible news of who Jesus is and what he did for us! We will email you each afternoon of VBC with more info so you can follow along at home!

Choose Your Own ADVENTURE!

Each morning at Vacation Bible Camp elementary age children will be a part of two ADVENTURES! On Monday morning when they arrive all elementary age children will choose two adventures that they want to do on Monday & Tuesday.  On Wednesday morning children will choose again for Wednesday & Thursday mornings! Our Choose Your Own Adventure Vacation Bible Camp is probably different than every other event your kids are a part of! We can't wait for them to come join the ADVENTURE!

Games & Snacks

Each morning we will be serving snacks at Vacation Bible Camp. This means we serve tonnes of cookies, apples and freezies!   For those who require it, we do have a gluten free option. Also, we have attempted to keep all our snacks be nut free. If your child has severe allergies, please talk to our registration staff when you arrive.

Fundraising Challenge

Each year at Vacation Bible Camp we have a fundraising challenge! Our goal this year is to collect 500 items for the Fundy Food Bank!

Closing & Ice Cream Party & the Splash Pad!

On Thursday, our final large group time will take place at 1200pm.  All parents and families are invited to join us for this closing program which will include a presentation from our Worship Dance Adventure as well as lots of music, photos, video and more! Following the closing program we’ll have Ice Cream Sundaes at the playground in the park behind the church for all the children who have been a part of Vacation Bible Camp and their families! All children and families are invited to spend time together at the Splash Pad!

Thanks for planning to bring your children to be a part of Vacation Bible Camp Camp!  We are excited for all that God has in store for us!  

If you have any comments or question, please contact Pastor Jon Dixon, Pastor of Next Generations & Families at 681-7683 or

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