We believe there is one true, living, eternal, and personal God. He is an infinite Spirit, infinitely perfect and His perfection distinguishes Him from all His creation. He is self-existent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, good, kind, holy, just and merciful. He is long-suffering, loving, gracious, true and Sovereign.

God reveals Himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person is co-eternal and co-equal. They are separate persons but the mystery remains that they are One.

God, the Father: God is described in the Bible as the Father of Jesus Christ and the Father of those who believe in Him. We are created in His image and He is the Creator and sustainer of the universe.

God, the Son: Christ is the eternal Son of God. In His incarnation as Jesus Christ He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus perfectly revealed and did the will of God, taking upon Himself the demands and necessities of human nature and identifying Himself completely with humankind yet without sin. He honoured the divine law by His personal obedience, and in His death on the cross He made provision for the redemption of humankind from sin. He was raised bodily from the dead and appeared to His disciples as the person who was with them before His crucifixion. He ascended into heaven and is now exalted at the right hand of God where He is the One Mediator, partaking of the nature of God and of humans, and in whose person is effected the reconciliation between God and humans. He will return in power and glory to judge the world and to consummate His redemptive mission. He now dwells in all believers as the living and ever present Lord.

God, the Holy Spirit: Like Christ, the Holy Spirit is co-eternal and co-equal with God the Father. The Holy Spirit has existed from the beginning. His role is to "convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment." In addition, He guides believers into all truth thus producing the fruit of the Spirit. He indwells the believer and brings comfort and peace in time of sorrow and distress. He gives a gift or gifts to each believer for their place of ministry in the body of Christ. (Deut 6:4; Exodus 15:11; 1 John 4:16; Matt. 28:19; John 14:26; Eph. 2:18; Matt. 11:27; Luke 1:35; Philippians 2:5-11; Gen. 1:2; John 16:8-15; Gal. 5:22,23; 1 Cor. 12:7)

The Bible

We believe the Bible to be God's written word. It is divinely inspired and therefore the final authority in matters of faith and practice. It is inerrant and infallible in its original manuscripts.

The Holy Scripture was written under the inspiration and control of the Holy Spirit. The styles of the various writers were not suppressed by God, but were controlled by the Holy Spirit to achieve His good will and purpose. The Bible shows us who God is, why He created us, how our relationship with God was broken and how humans can be reconciled to God. (2 Peter 1:20-21)


Humans were created by a special act of God in His own image and are the crowning work of His creation. In the beginning humans were innocent of sin and were endowed by the creator with freedom of choice. Sin entered the world when Adam disobeyed God by yielding to the temptation of Satan. All are sinners as we are born with a corrupt nature as descendants of Adam and are under the punishment of God for sin, which is physical and spiritual death. Therefore, sin is universal and extends to every part of humankind, finding its roots in the heart of people. God is not the author of sin nor does He tempt any one. He is a Holy God. (Gen 1:26-27; Psalm 51:5; Rom 5:12; Jer. 17:9; Job 34:10; Isaiah 6:3)


We believe humans are unable to save themselves. Because of sin, we are separated from God but because of God's grace and love, He has provided a way for us to be saved. This salvation is only possible by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. There is no other way. As we repent and turn from our sin, we receive God's forgiveness and the fellowship between God and humans is restored. We are then born anew from on high and are given new life in Christ.

Believers can be declared justified through what Christ has done; therefore, we are declared not guilty as we stand before God.

Upon receiving Christ as our Saviour and Lord we are sanctified. This is a process in which the believer is set apart to God's purposes. Through the work of the Holy Spirit we progress towards moral and spiritual perfection. This will not be reached here on this earth. (Romans 3:23,24; John 3:16; Acts 4:12; 1 John 1:9; Eph. 2:8,9; Rom. 10:9-11)

The Church

The Church is described in the Bible as Christ's body, with Christ Himself being the Head. It is made up of all people who have accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour of their lives. Since the Church has one Lord, the Church is one. The Church is holy in that it is separated from the world unto God. In addition, the Church is universal and all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Saviour are part of His Church. The Church is also referred to as the bride of Christ and Christ gave Himself up for the Church.

The visible Church is a local body of believers who gather together for worship, instruction, fellowship and evangelism. As a local body, believers practice the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper. We seek to follow Christ's teachings and be a witness to the world of Christ's saving power. We believe in regenerate church membership and therefore only those who have a personal faith in Christ should be baptized and accepted into local church membership.

We believe that all members of the Church have an important role to play in the Church. However, God has gifted individuals to be pastors "to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up...." All believers are given spiritual gifts that are to be used for the edification of the Church. We also believe the Church must be concerned and involved, where appropriate, in the social concerns of the world. (Col. 1:24; Eph. 5: 25-27; 1 Cor. 12:12-13; 1 Cor 12:27-28; Eph. 4:11–12)

Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Baptism is a confession of a new relationship with Christ. It is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is an act of obedience symbolizing the believer's faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Saviour; the believer's death to sin; the burial of the old life; and the resurrection to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus. The baptism of infants and non-believers is contrary to the expressed teaching of the Word of God.

The Lord's Supper is an ordinance of Christ and is to be observed by believers until Christ comes again. The bread and the cup symbolize the sacrificed body of our Lord and His shed blood. Christ is spiritually present and there is fellowship with Him and other believers. (Matt. 28:19; Rom. 6:4; Acts 8:38-39; 1 Cor. 11:23-28)

Christian Life

Christians are to love God with all their heart, soul and mind and are to show love and kindness to their neighbours. The Christian must follow Christ's example of baptism, love, faithfulness, forgiveness and perseverance.

The Christian life should consist of daily surrendering to the will of God. The study of God's word and prayer should be a vital part of the Christian lifestyle.

As Christians, we need to gather regularly for worship, instruction, prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. Christians should endeavour always to exercise their spiritual gifts in order that the body of Christ might be built up.

Having received the instruction from Christ Himself, Christians are to witness throughout the world the Gospel message of Christ's saving power. Christians need to be a light in the world and the salt of the earth. This involves actively seeking to bring others to salvation, discipling them in Christ and working to bring about social justice and equality. (Luke 10:25-37; Philippians 4:6-8; Heb. 10:25; Rom. 12:4-8; Matt. 5:13-16)

Last Things

History is not simply repeating itself, instead it is moving towards a final outcome. God is in control. He has not set this world in motion and then abandoned it. Nor has He been thwarted because sin has entered the world. God does have a plan. Some day Jesus will return and usher in a new era, when every knee shall bow to the Lord.

We do not know the specific time when Christ will come again, but we have been instructed to be ready, filled with anticipation. His return will be visible and we are told in Scripture that those Christians who have already died will be raised first and then those believers who are alive will be caught up to meet Jesus in the air.

In addition, there will be a final judgment and a new heaven and a new earth will be created. Those who are believers will be received into heaven obtaining eternal life. Those who have rejected Christ will be banished from the presence of God forever. (John 5:25-29; Phil. 2:8-11; Matt. 25:13; Matt 26:41; Acts 1:11; 1 Thess. 4:16-17; 2 Peter 3:3-13; Rev. 20:11-15)