Tidal Impact - Tuesday

We are having and exciting week at Tidal Impact - each days sees new victories and new challenges, and new ways our teenagers are stretched as they grow in their faith. On Tuesday morning our team again met for prayer at 8am before traveling to and preparing for our morning ministries. Our basketball camp continues to be a success, as does our Adventure Camp [which grew a little in numbers] and we were able to do a couple projects around EBC to help in their kids ministry as well.

For the afternoon we went again to Rock Church, but this time for Dive Deeper. The Tidal Impact organizing team arranged to have a wide selection of workshops for the youth to attend where they learned about and practiced spiritual disciplines. This was stretching for many of the youth - most good things are.

Tuesday evening was our night off as a team. For supper we went to the Chicken Burger in Bedford where we had supper for free [yes, they fed us for free!] and then since it was a bit damp outside we went to the Canada Games Center in Halifax to swim. It was a great low-key night for our team to bond well.

Continue to pray for us. We are half-way through Tidal Impact and energy usually begins to fade at this point. Wednesday is our longest day ministry-wise; it's our food bank day.