Tidal Impact - Sunday

As you may know, this week is Tidal Impact week! We have a team of 11 youth and 3 leaders participating alongside hundreds of youth and leaders form around the Maritimes. The way that Tidal Impact works is fairly simple - churches in two local areas [in 2017 they are Halifax and South Shore / Bridgewater] host churches from elsewhere. Together local and visiting church youth groups form one team and serve God in the community of the local church. For 2017 are NMBC youth & leaders are partnered with Emmanuel Baptist in Hammonds Plains.

On Saturday afternoon we traveled to EBC where we ate supper, met their youth & leaders and then went off to the homes where we are staying for the week.

Today we had the privilege of attending worship at Emmanual Baptist Church. During the service we were commissioned through prayer at the front of the church.


This afternoon we spent time with the youth & leaders from EBC getting to know them and preparing for the ministries we will be engaged in during the week.

This evening we traveled to Rock Church in Sackville for the first of four evenings when we will join in worship with all the other teams from the Halifax Region. It was a fantastic night of singing, learning, and prayer. We are already looking forward to being back there again tomorrow night. One fun part for our team was meeting up with the team from The Journey Church in Moncton - we served with them at Tidal Impact in Moncton in 2015 and we hosted the for our own event lat July - Summer Serve.

One final highlight of the day - it was Jack's 12th birthday! His family traveled to join us at church and brought cake. When we arrived at our billet's home this evening they had cake as well!

Please pray for us as we begin our ministries tomorrow. We will be holding a Basketball Camp and an Adventure Camp, both for kids, and we'll be handing out door hangers in the afternoon for the food drive we'll do later this week.