Marriage Within Christ’s Community

Rev. Dr. Danny Zacharias joins us as our guest preacher for this first part of our Mini on Marriage series.


You can download these notes in PDF format.

Warm-up. Share with your group a married couple you know or have read about that you have been inspired by.

Read Ephesians 5:17-33 Pray that God blesses your study.

  1. Why is it important that we recognize the close connection between Paul’s command to be be filled with the Spirit and his instruction to wives and husbands?

  2. Did the hypothetical early church scene that was illustrated in the sermon change the way you have thought about these instructions? How?

  3. Do you like the word “submission”? What do you think or feel when you read the call to mutual submission in the Church? How might God’s Word correct those thoughts and feelings?

  4. Why do you think Paul spent so much time talking about Christ when offering his command to husbands?

  5. Read Genesis 2:24-25. What does it look like in today’s world to be truly united as one? To be “naked and unashamed” as a couple?

  6. Not every Christian is married or called to marriage. In what ways does Paul’s teaching still apply to those not married?

Pray that God will help you to grasp these important truths so that you can victoriously live them out to the glory of God.