He Is Enthroned & Worthy of Our Worship

Pastor Daniel will begin our Easter Series with Part 1: “HE IS Enthroned & Worthy of Our Worship.” 

“They cast their crowns before the throne, saying, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelation 4:10-11


You can download these discussion notes in PDF format.

Warm-up. What is a place or experience that is difficult or challenging for you to describe to others?

Read Revelation 4. Pray God blesses your study time together.

  1. How does knowing that God has a sovereign plan for all of creation provide you with comfort in uncertain times?

  2. What incredible sights did John see? (4:2-11) What aspects of God’s character and splendour draw you to praise and worship him most right now?

  3. What do each of the the creature characteristics in Rev 4:7 reveal to us about God’s character? What primary attribute of God did the four living creatures praise again and again? (4:8)

  4. God’s immense power inspires us to worship. How do adoration and reverence go together in Christian worship?

  5. This passage invites us to worship the One who is on the throne. The elders do so by casting their crowns, which the Lord gave them, and by bowing before the throne. How do you express your worship to the “Lord God Almighty”?

  6. What areas of your life (your crowns) are you most tempted to withhold from God that he is worthy of?

  7. Reflect on the truth that our existence depends on the will of God to sustain it. How does this reality lead you to worship?

Pray that at the beginning of each day you make the praise and worship of God a joyous priority in all you do and say.