Young Adult Ministry Info!

It's September! We hope you had a fantastic summer and that you're excited for all that God has in store for you this fall. This post has a few details about young adult ministry at New Minas Baptist Church. If you are no longer in the valley and want to be removed from this list, send me a quick email to and let us know,

Free Transportation on Sundays to Church!

Each week we offer free transportation from Acadia to NMBC. You can meet taxis at the lower parking lot of the Acadia Student Union Building [SUB] and leave for New Minas Baptist Church 30 minutes prior to each service.

  • Sunday September 4 we are still on our summer schedule and we have one service at 10am. Taxi pickup time is the same location but at 930a for this week.
  • Starting September 11, we have two service times at 9:15am & 11:00am. Taxis meet at the SUB at 8:45am and 10:30am and return from the front door of the church after the services.

Young Adult Lunch!

Each month on the 3rd Sunday we have a free lunch for Young Adults to help us form community! Join us for the 1st YA Lunch of the 2016-17 school year on September 18.

Young Adult Bible Studies

You are invited to attend one of our YA Bible Study groups. We currently have two groups but are interested in forming more. Here are the details:

  • Sundays - John & Colleen DeLong lead a group which will be travelling through the Old Testament one book / week all year long. This group includes High School & Young Adult students and meets in the Youth Center [smaller building on the NMBC campus] during service 2 at 1100am. Group starts on September 11.
  • Mid-Week Small Group - Starting during the week of September 18-24 we have a weekly YA Bible Study group that meets near the Acadia Campus in Wolfville. This group, like our other NMBC small groups, follows the content of our sermon series. Everyone is welcome, more details to come soon.
  • Older Young Adults? - We have a number of 25+ year old Young Adults who are interested in forming a new Bible Study group / community. If you're in this age bracket and want more info, contact me by email or text.

Acadia Christian Fellowship

Another great way to be a part of a Christian community during the school year is at ACF. Learn more on Facebook.

Last thing: I'd love to buy you a coffee and get to know you better. Send a quick email to if you're interested!

Pastor Jon Dixon
Pastor of Next Generations