No Ordinary Day

(Inspired by @melissagreene #recreate13)

There is incredible beauty at 30,000 feet. But If I’m being honest, I often sit in a plane and only see and feel the tangible work of men and women, although likely brilliant engineers in their field of study, that used their considerable talents to build this wonder in modern aviation.

But when you climb above the clouds that normally block out the full view of the heavens, a whole new reality is revealed; a complex beauty of cloud formations that appear like a cotton blanket that has yet to be pulled taut over a recently slept-in bed; an amazing display of pale blue, seamlessly fading into a sea of white. And all of a sudden I’m aware of God’s handiwork; this seemingly random beauty is anything but random. A beautiful work of art, unlike anything humanly imaginable, being painted by a skilled artist. A painting that is ever changing from one glorious scene to another.

This is not an ordinary day to be ignored or trivialized by my comfort or discomfort (depending on the legroom afforded me on a given flight). No this is an extraordinary day, a magical day that, remarkably, happens every day, given for our pleasure by an immutable Creator who gets to show off His creativity just to reveal His glory, that He has been doing from the beginning of time.

This is no ordinary day…this is beauty…this is truth…this is goodness…and I am profoundly humbled and thankful!