Legacy - My First Bible

I have a lot of Bibles. It's not that I collect them like hockey cards, more that I have had a lot and kept them. 

Many of the Bibles I have I don't use any more. That seems sad in a way. On the other hand, when I pick them up they conjure memories of people, places and events. 

The first Bible I remember having is dated 1984. I vaguely remember getting it, I certainly remember carrying it with me to church. It is a KJV children's Bible with a few pictures inside. It was a gift from my mother's parents. My grandparents were long time attendees of Main Street Baptist Church [Rivercross Church] in Saint John, NB. For them church was important and they raised their daughters to know God and know the Bible. Part of the memories that come to my mind as I hold this Bible are of attending my grandparent's church as a child. 

As I turn this Bible over in my hands the word legacy comes to mind. My grandparents left a legacy when they left this world. My mother was raised in the faith in their home, she later went to Ontario Bible College [now Tyndale College] where she met my father, they raised my brother and I to know and follow Jesus and we are both now raising our children to know Jesus. 

Legacy. That's the story my first real Bible tells me when I hold it in my hands. 

Do you have Bibles that remind you of people, places or events? Are there people in your past who inspired you to study the Bible and follow Jesus?

Tell your children the stories of the Bible. Tell them of the memories that your Bibles bring to your mind.