Best Time for Family Devotions?

Mornings at Breakfast? Maybe the best time for your family to open the Bible together might be first thing in the morning at the breakfast table. Break out toast and jam and add your Bibles to the morning menu!

After School? As soon as the kids run through the door they want a snack. Maybe opening the Bible while they refresh from school is a great way to refocus on what's most important together.

At Supper? Once all the homework and housework is done and you all sit down to eat, talking about the Bible is a great followup to talking about the day. 

Bed Time? At the end of the day, when everyone is home and pjs are on, maybe this is the best time to open the Bible together and reflect on what God is teaching through the day.

The Best Time: Here's the Truth - there is no "Best Time" for Family Devotions. The Best Time is when your whole family has time to sit and focus on the Word of God, to read together and to pray. It might be that the Best Time today or this this week is different than yesterday or last week. No matter what the current Best Time is, make sure your children are raised in an environment where spending time in God's Word is a priority. There may not be a Best Time, but be sure that you Make Time to open the Bible together!