Read the Bible as a Family this Christmas

School is done today for the year which means that Christmas is almost here! I am certain you've been doing many things to get ready for the celebration! 

I want to encourage you to read the Bible with your family this week so that you are able to keep focused on Jesus Christ, the real meaning of the holiday. In order to encourage your family as you celebrate together, I have included some suggestions of how to read the Bible as a family and some suggested Bible passages.

Here's are the suggestions:

  1. As a parent, pray to God, ask Him to help you to understand as you read.
  2. Before you read the Bible with your family, read through the verses yourself first. Perhaps reading from different Bible translations. [ or are great resources for this.] If there are words you are not familiar with, look them up []. 
  3. There is no perfect time to pray and read with your family so just pick a time and be consistent with it. This may be a great start to a new patterns for your family in the new year! Time suggestions: Breakfast, Supper, just before Bed.

As you begin, pray for your family, ask God to help them to understand and to help you to teach them.

Suggested Bible Passages for this week:

Friday, December 18 [Announcing the Plan]

  • Genesis 3:1-5
  • Questions: How does this passage point forward to Jesus? [Genesis 3:15 is the answer]. How would you have felt if you were Adam and Eve.
  • Prayer: Thank God that he has always had a plan to defeat sin by sending Jesus.

Saturday, December 19 [Prophecy]

  • Micah 5:2-5, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:2-7
  • Questions: How do these verses point forward toward Jesus? How does it make you feel to know that over 600-700 years before Jesus was born that God told people that he was coming?
  • Prayer: Thank God that he announced over and over and over that Jesus was coming and what he would be like. 

Sunday, December 20 [Light]

  • John 1:1-18 
  • Questions: These verses talk about light and darkness. How does Jesus bring light into dark places? How do you feel knowing that God sees everything and knows everything and loves us anyway?
  • Prayer: Thank God that he loves us despite all of the sin in the world and in us.

Monday, December 21 [Mary]

  • Luke 1:26-38 
  • Questions: If you were Mary, how would you feel about what you were told? Mary was wiling to serve as God wanted. Are we always willing to do what God wants in our lives?
  • Prayer: Thank God for Mary and for the example she sets for us.

Tuesday, December 22 [Mary and Elizabeth]

  • Luke 1:39-56
  • Questions: Why does Elizabeth call Mary "the mother of my Lord"? What does it mean for Jesus to be our Lord? 
  • Prayer: Thank God that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour just as Mary & Elizabeth said.

Wednesday, December 23 [Joseph]

  • Matthew 1:18-25 
  • Questions: What names are given to the baby in these verses? The name Jesus means God Saves. Immanuel means God is with us. How does it make you feel to know that we worship Jesus who is God with us, come to save us?
  • Prayer: Thank God for coming to be with us in flesh and for saving us from sin.

Thursday, December 24 [Shepherds]

  • Luke 2:8-21
  • Questions: What did the Shepherds do when they heard the good news? How can we, like the Shepherds, glorify and praise God who the true story of Christmas?
  • Prayer: Ask God to help us to capture the same awe and wonder that the Shepherds had in our hearts.

Friday, December 25 [Birth of Jesus]

  • Luke 2:1-9
  • Questions: How does where Jesus was born compare to where babies are born today? Why is it so incredible that Jesus birth was so humble and unexpected by everyone?
  • Prayer: Thank God for the incredible truth of the birth of Jesus!

Saturday, December 26 [Simeon]

  • Luke 2:25-33
  • Questions: What did Simeon say when he saw Jesus? Simeon said that Jesus is salvation for all who? 
  • Prayer: Thank God that Jesus came to save everyone, both Jew and Gentile [us] from sin!

Sunday, December 27 [Anna]

  • Luke 2:36-38
  • Questions: Review the story of Simeon yesterday. When Anna heard Simeon and saw Jesus what did she do? [verse 38]. Do we go out of our way like she did to tell people about Jesus?
  •  Prayer: Ask God who you can tell about Jesus right away.

Monday, December 28 [Wise Men]

  • Matthew 2:1-12
  • Questions: What did the Wisemen do when they met Jesus? Christmas today has a lot to do with gifts. How can we worship and give gifts to Jesus? 
  • Prayer: Ask God to help you use your time, talent, resources and energy to worship him.

The story of Jesus' birth in scripture is rich and vibrant! This week is a great time for your family to start a pattern of praying and reading the Bible together. Have a fantastic Christmas week with your family!

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Jon
Pastor of Next Generations and Families