Notes from our Discussions on Pornography and Technology with Parents

Danger of Porn

This week at Solid Rock Youth on Wednesday we talked about Pornography. In fact we had two people share the incredible stories of God healing them from an addiction to pornography. Praise God for what he has done in their lives and how he is redeeming their stories by allowing them to tell the stories to others.

In addition to our regular night we talked about pornography and technology and screening software, etc. in a parent meeting. Here are the notes:

First Steps to Online Family Safety

Here the big deal: Software solutions prevent accidents not intentions, good parenting helps to change intentions. In order to prevent accidents each family needs to do research and choose the solutions that work best for them.

Step 1: Do a technology audit. List all internet capable devices that your family has. Examples: computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, game devices, televisions, tv devices, portable media / audio devices, etc.

Step 2: Find a solution below which filters and limits access to the internet on all of those devices, or as many as possible. 

Step 3: Establish family usage rules.  For example: [A] Where is your computer located? Is it in a location which is viewable by everyone or in a private more secretive place? [B] Do phones / tablets / other portable internet enabled devices go to bedrooms? [C] Do parents have passwords to children's social media and email accounts? [C] Who has the bypass password to the screening software? Who receives the reports?

Step 4: Have a family conversation about all of these steps. Listen, don't just talk. Consider opinions and discuss solutions and how the apply to every family member.

Screening and Accountability Software

  • Open DNS
    • This is for Home networks. Following the instructions on the website will lead you to make changes to the settings in your router's software. Using this free service will provide a filter for all internet enabled devices which access the internet via your home network.
  • X3Watch
    • $6.99 a month or $64.99 a year for unlimited devices
    • Works on Mac and Windows, Android and iOS [Apple] devices. There is a free version which is accountability only.
  • Covenant Eyes
    • $14 a month
    • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android [Accountability Only]
  • Net Nanny [This one may be the best option for most families as it allows for multiple accounts, a reasonable price for families, and different settings per account]
    • $40 a year for one computer; $60 a year for 3; Family Pass is $80 a year [10 devices]
    • This option also seems to have the most features and has the option for parents to monitor social media.
  •  Safe Eyes
    • Mac and Windows only, not mobile
  • Google Preferences
  • Kido'z
    • Alternative visual-based Browser [Young Children] [PC, Mac - sort of]
  • Adblock Plus
    • Free browser extension for blocking advertisements.

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