Your Heart for God [Part 6] Your Heart of Loyalty

"... he raised up David to be their king, of whom he testified and said, ‘I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart, who will do all my will." - Acts 13:22 The story of David is a story of a man who's life is an example in many ways of how to follow God well.

These are the small group notes for part six of this series. On February 26, 2017 Pastor Daniel preached this message from 2 Samuel 23:13-17. You can download the notes in PDF format or you can follow along below.

Small Groups

Pray that God will bless your time of fellowship in his Word. Read the following passages: 2 Samuel 23:13-17

  1. How-Wow-Pow-Chow: How: Are you doing right now? Wow: A wow moment from last week. Pow: A hard moment from last week. Chow: The best thing you ate in the last week.
  2. Share a time you felt like David, stuck in a cave, and all you’d hoped for seemed like it would never happen. When is it hardest for you to believe God’s promises? What helps you have assurance that God is with you and that you can trust again?
  3. When you hear the word loyalty, what comes to mind? What do you find most inspiring about what the three mighty men did?
  4. Why did David respond to the mighty warriors bringing him water from Bethlehem by pouring it out onto the ground? Given their previous mighty acts (vv. 8-12) how do you think they felt about David pouring the water out to the Lord? What are some dangers of not rightly giving God the glory and praise?
  5. In what ways does this story point to the greater David, the Lord Jesus Christ? How has he responded to the longing and thirsting of our souls? How does what he did inspire your joyful pursuit of his pleasure (whatever the cost) in all you do?


Close in prayer thanking God for Jesus, the One true Hero. Ask for loyal hearts that seek to joyfully pursue and live out his promises, knowing that Jesus endured the terrible thirst of death, so that we could receive the living water of eternal life.