Appendix A - Leadership Selection Process

Procedures for the Nominating Ministry:

a. The Nominating Ministry shall provide members of the Church with the following:
1. An announcement or notice that they are seeking nominations for leadership roles. (by way of the eNews or church bulletin)
2. a statement of "Qualifications of Lay-Leadership" and
3. a "Lay-Leadership Nomination form.

b. After prayerfully considering the returned forms noted above, along with any other input from the Pastor(s), church members, or appointees, the Nominating Ministry shall identify and develop a list of possible leadership candidates for further consideration.

c. When selecting Governance Board members and Church Officers the Nominating Ministry shall pay particular attention to the candidate's Calling, Christian character, and Competencies AS A LEADER. Therefore, each candidate being considered for the above roles shall be asked to complete and return the following to the Nominating Ministry within 30 days:
1. a completed "S.H.A.P.E. Inventory"

d. Then, using the information gathered from ALL sources including the above, and with the input from the Sr. Pastor, the Nominating Ministry shall prepare a "Short List" of leader candidates for final consideration.

e. After ALL information from all sources has been reviewed and prayerfully considered, the Nominating Ministry shall then recommend for nomination to the congregation, those faithful Church members with a strong commitment to Christ, integrity, and appropriate spiritual gifts to serve the Lord as Governance Board members and Church Officers.