Choosing the right Bible for your child or youth is important. Which one should I choose is a question that we are asked frequently. Below are some fantastic options for you to pick from, each linked to their listing on Amazon. If you have any questions about them or want to see them in person, contact Pastor Jon Dixon any time.

Bible Suggestions for Preschool Children

In our preschool ministry on Sunday mornings we use an adapted version of the Bible App for Kids curriculum. This Bible is a companion to the curriculum and we use it every Sunday with your kids. This is a storybook Bible, not a full text Bible.

One of the first gospel-centered storybook Bibles, the Jesus Storybook Bible is incredible to read, listen to, and see and every word points to Jesus in all the stories of the Bible. Learn more here.

Rather than just a storybook, this is a abridged version of the New Living Translation for kids. With helpful suggested activities for kids and families, this is a great Bibles for parents and kids to read together.

Every story in the Bible works together as a part of the  Big Picture to point kids to Jesus. With a helpful app, this Bible comes to life and is fun for kids to read with their parents.

Bible Suggestions for Elementary Children

In the children's ministry at our church we use the New Living Translation. We do this as the words and reading level are easily understood by kids. This Bible is great for kids who are reading to start to learn and study from - it has lots of extras in the margins to help with understanding.

Not a text Bible, this is actually a comic book. Drawn by an artist who drew for Marvel and DC for a living, these pages beautifully tell the story of the whole Bible and point to Jesus! Learn more here.

There is a companion dramatized audio version of the Action Bible on CD. Learn more here.

This Bible takes the best pages of the Action Bible and combines them with the full text of the English Standard Version [ESV] of the Bible. Adding in helpful study resources in the margins, this is a great Bible!

Bible Suggestions for Youth & Young Adults

Especially for youth in high school and for young adults, this study Bible is ready to help anyone grow deeper in their faith and understanding of God's word. In our services on Sundays we use the English Standard Version and this is one of the best ESV study Bibles on the market. It comes in many cover colors and formats - including a leather one. Follow this link then explore more online.

This Bible takes the full text of the New Living Translation and adds in many helpful study notes. Especially for middle schoolers, this is a great first study Bible.

This is literally what it looks like - a Bible in a metal case. This is the New Living Translation in a metal case - sure to withstand most of what the average middle schooler can do.