NEXT Steps - Session B

God didn't design church ministry for a select few with seminary degrees. Here at New Minas Baptist, every member of our church is a minister. That's what Session "B" - S.H.A.P.E. is all about. It's an exciting, fast-paced session, designed to help you discover your SHAPE for ministry at New Minas Baptist.

Your SHAPE is one-of-a-kind. It's a combination of your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences.

During Session "B", you'll complete a SHAPE Profile, which is a detailed Discovery tool that helps reveal how God wants to use someone with your SHAPE to minister to others in need.

Next, you'll be encouraged to schedule a follow-up SHAPE Discovery Session to talk one-on-one with a Ministry Representative about your SHAPE Profile. Your Ministry Representative will help connect you with a New Minas Baptist ministry where God can use you to make a lasting impact. 

S.H.A.P.E. Can Change Lives! 

"Your hands formed and SHAPED me…" Job 10:8a (GN) 
Spiritual Gift - God gave you a special ability called a Spiritual Gift when you began following Him. He gave you this gift to help build up your church family and reach out to the world with Christ's love. 

 - God gave you a unique passion for particular activities, subjects and circumstances. He gave you a Heart for the things you feel deeply about to help define how and where He wants you to serve Him. 

 - You have Abilities, given to you before you accepted Christ, that God can use in specific ways to assist you in your ministry. 

 - God needs a Personality in ministry that's exactly like yours! He wants to use you whether you're an extrovert or an introvert; whether you enjoy routine or variety. 

 - God has placed a multitude of Experiences in your life to help mold you for ministry. He can use the experiences in your background to help heal the hurts of others in your church and your community.

We can help you find your SHAPE!