Money Matters [Part 2] Money Mastered

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Our 2018 October preaching series is all about Money Matters! Join us on Sundays and in small groups. You can join a small group by clicking here.

Small Groups Notes

You can download these notes in PDF format here.

Warm-up. If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only three possessions with you, what would you choose and why? What are some things you’d never give up, no matter how much money you were offered for them?

Read: Matthew 6:19-24

Pray God blesses your study time together.

  1. Why did Jesus discourage stockpiling things? (6:19) What can happen to a person’s material possessions?

  2. Where did Jesus encourage us to invest our wealth? Why? (6:20) Why is heaven a better place to "bank" than earth?

  3. What does the location of your treasure say about you? (6:21) How does the love of money make us blind/greedy?

  4. Why did Jesus say we cannot serve two masters? (6:24)

  5. What masters most often fight for your allegiance? In what ways do you serve money? How can you master money?

  6. What area of money management do you find most difficult? Have you ever sought out Christian friends to help you evaluate your use of money? If not, would you be open to receive help?

  7. How can you "store up... treasures in heaven"? How could you make an investment in eternity today?

Pray that this series on money matters will truly help us grow in Christ-like generosity / contentment that reaches our families, classmates, co-workers and neighbours with God’s rich love.