Money Matters [Part 1] Thanksgiving Contentment

Pt1Money Matters.png

Our 2018 October preaching series is all about Money Matters! Join us on Sundays and in small groups. You can join a small group by clicking here.

Small Groups Notes

You can download these notes in PDF format here.

Warm-up. We’re so thankful for the sermon-based small groups who desire to go deeper in God’s Word together! What are you especially thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Pray God blesses your study time together.

  1. What are some practical ways to keep ourselves free from the love of money in times of plenty? How can we keep the right perspective on money when times are lean?

  2. What does it look like to be content with what you have? In what circumstances do you find it difficult to be content?

  3. How can we fight against our culture’s constant enticements toward the worship of sex and money?

  4. How can a believer know when “enough is enough” with regard to our level of affluence and our level of generosity?

  5. How does the gospel of Jesus Christ provide us with the motivation and the ability to be open-hearted and open-handed with our lives and possessions?

Pray that this series on money matters will truly help us grow in Christ-like generosity / contentment that reaches our families, classmates, co-workers and neighbours with God’s rich love.