Holy Spirit [Part 3] Resource

Our 2018 spring preaching & small group series is about The Holy Spirit - His Presence in Your Life. Join us on Sundays and in small groups as we learn from the example of Abraham's faith in God. You can join a small group by clicking here.

Small Groups Notes

You can download the notes in PDF here.

Welcome everyone and pray together asking for requests and for God to open hearts and minds to the truth of his Word.

Ice Breaker: If someone gave you enough money to start your own business, what kind of business would you start?

  1. Why is humility essential in the exercise of spiritual gifts? What are the primary purposes of the spiritual gifts?
  2. Which gifts do you think are most important today? Is it important to know whether they are “spiritual” or “natural” gifts?
  3. What is the differences between the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit?
  4. Do you think the gifts are temporary or permanent in a person’s life? Would you say that all the gifts are for today?
  5. Reflecting on the biblical inventories of spiritual gifts what ones have you seen in operation in your life or the church? Share a story or testimony of your experience.
  6. Have you taken our SHAPE spiritual gift sorter? If so, what was the result? If not, but you’d like to, see Pastor Daniel.
  7. Don’t know your gifts? Consider these diagnostic questions:
    1. Is this something you would enjoy doing?
    2. Have you shown any ability in certain areas?
    3. Have  others given you positive feedback in certain area?
    4. Do you have a strong sense of concern in certain area?
  • Pray that our church family will grow closer to God and one another through this series on the Holy Spirit.