Abraham [Part 6] Make Your Life a Prayer

Our 2018 winter preaching & small group series is about the life of Abraham. Join us on Sundays and in small groups as we learn from the example of Abraham's faith in God. You can join a small group by clicking here.

Small Groups Notes

You can download these notes by clicking here.

Ask: Have you seriously interceded with the Lord for someone? What was the situation that moved you to pray?

Read Genesis 18:16-33 and pray God blesses your study.

  1. In his priestly, intercessory role, what attitudes toward God, people, and himself does Abraham express in 18:23-33? In what ways would you like to emulate Abraham’s example in your prayer life?
  2. Contrast Abraham's effect on events (18:32; 19:29) with Lot's inability to influence people (19:6-9, 14, 26). How were the two so different? Is there a lesson here for us?
  3. Who have you known in your life who was an example of a person who prayed fervently? What do you find most difficult about maintaining a consistent prayer life?
  4. What has helped you most in your prayer life? Read 1 John 2:1; 1 Timothy 2:5; Romans 8:34; and Hebrews 7:25. How do these verses of scripture about Jesus help you to pray better?

Praise God for his hatred of wickedness, his mercy on people like Lot (and us!), his faithfulness to his friends like Abraham (and us!), and his desire that his people intercede for others.

Take time to intercede for your friends, relatives, neighbours, church, nation, or others in danger of God's judgment.