There's No Place Like Home - Part 10 - Family Forever

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These are the small group notes for part seven of this series. On November 26, 2017 Pastor Daniel preached this message. You can download the notes in PDF format or you can follow along below.

Small Groups Notes

Randy Alcorn: “We need to stop acting as if Heaven were a myth, an impossible dream, a relentlessly dull meeting, or an unimportant distraction from real life. We need to see Heaven for what it is: the realm we were made for. If we do, we’ll embrace the prospect of Heaven with contagious joy, excitement, and anticipation.” Do you agree with Randy, if so why?

Pray God’s blessing on your study.

  1. Explain how we can have a longing for life in heaven, on the New Earth, even though we haven’t yet experienced it.
  2. Heaven will include good things about our earthly homes, without any of the bad. What elements of “home” do you most hope to experience in Heaven?
  3. How does the present (intermediate) Heaven differ from the eternal Heaven (on the new Earth)? What does Revelation 21:1-4 teach us about it? What is the particular significance of verse 3 as it relates to where Heaven will be located?
  4. According to the apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 15:12-28), why is resurrection so important? Why is a “spiritual” or “non-physical” resurrection a contradiction in terms?
  5. In what ways does our culture reinforce the mistaken idea that everyone is going to Heaven?
  6. Various passages of Scripture show that there is only one way to enter Heaven. List a few of those passages (like John 14:6 and Acts 4:12) and discuss what they say.
  7. Do you know that you’re going to Heaven? Why or why not?
  8. Randy Alcorn: “Longing for Heaven is longing for God, and longing for God is longing for Heaven.” God and Heaven are not the same. Yet in some sense they are inseparable. Why is this so, and how do you feel about it?