There's No Place Like Home - Part 9 - Family Moments

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These are the small group notes for part seven of this series. On November 19, 2017 Pastor Daniel preached this message. You can download the notes in PDF format or you can follow along below.

Small Groups Notes

Start Up: When in your life did you "hang in there" the longest in the face of an extremely difficult situation? Who encouraged you most during that time? Pray God’s blessing on your study.

  1. Why did the author of Hebrews say that those under the new covenant could draw near to God? (10:19-22) What privilege comes to those who are part of the "house of God"? (10:22)
  2. A young believer tells you, “I feel so unworthy to draw near to the holy God.” How would you counsel him [her]?
  3. Why are we able to persevere in following Christ? (10:23)
  4. What has been your experience of family? How does it compare to your experience of church family?
  5. Which of the three actions (to consider, stir up, and encourage 10:24-25) do you most need to work at? What are some specific ways that you can grow in this area.
  6. How could someone best stir you up toward "love and good works"?
  7. If you know of a fellow believer who is drifting from the Lord, how can you know whether you should get involved? How would you go about encouraging him [her] in love?

Pray about something you could do practically today to encourage a Christian friend to persevere in his or her faith.