Revelation to the 7even - Week 1 - Our Cosmic King

During our Revelation to the 7even series, small groups are encouraged to study along with the Sunday morning messages. September 25 was week 1 of the series. You can see the notes below or download them here.

Small Group Notes

Pray that God will bless your time of fellowship in his Word.

  1. What is the purpose and focus of Revelation? (see vs. 1-3) In v. 3 who is ‘blessed’ and why?
  2. Note the names and descriptions that John gives to Jesus in verses 4-8. What do these descriptions teach us about Jesus? How do the descriptions of Jesus emphasis both his humanity and his deity?
  3. As you read v. 7, how do you feel about the second coming of Christ?
  4. In v. 9 how does John endeavour to identify with his readers? Is there any sense in which you can relate to John?
  5. What are some of the descriptors of the “son of man” in verses 13-16? Discuss the significance of some of these characteristics of the risen Christ?
  6. What is John’s response in v. 17? How is the fact that he didn’t die, and that Jesus touched him and told him to “fear not”, comforting to us? How have you experienced a personal, loving relationship with Jesus in your life?
  7. How does John seeing Jesus with “seven stars” in “his right hand”, and that he was “in the midst” of the “seven golden lamp stands” as well, especially comfort the church?

May our view of Jesus be as big and awesome as John’s! Pray that we respond to Jesus with heartfelt worship and obedience; and for opportunities to share what Christ has accomplished on the cross with all those around us.