Habakkuk - Worship in Woeful Times

"You see it every day. Bad people taking advantage of the weak. Good people suffering. War. Injustice. Corruption. Ever think God isn't fair? Discover how an Old Testament prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God's Promises."

During this series our small groups will be studying through Habakkuk as well. Join a Small Group and continue the conversation and learning through the week! To learn more about small groups click here.

Small Group Notes - Habakkuk Week 4

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  1. What previous answer to prayer has helped you to face a new challenge? Ask for volunteers to read aloud Hab 3:1-16.
  2. What words and phrases in this chapter help you to picture God's incredible glory and power?
  3. Verse 2 speaks of Habakkuk being in fear and awe of God’s work of judgement and salvation. Describe a time when you stood in fear and awe of God. What effect did this have on you?
  4. What details in verses 3-15 remind you of events in biblical history? What images of military and natural forces seem similar to events today?
  5. Would you say that God is more known in our culture today for his wrath or his mercy? What about in our churches? Explain.
  6. Habakkuk asks that God would, “In wrath remember mercy.” What does this reveal about Habakkuk’s understanding of God?
  7. Once Habakkuk understood what God was about to do, he did not question God further. Instead, he prayed for mercy. For what people or situations could you ask that God “in wrath remember mercy”?

Remember to close in prayer for one another and for our church family as we together study this remarkable Book of Habakkuk.