Revelation to the 7even - Ephesus

During our Revelation to the 7even series, small groups are encouraged to study along with the Sunday morning messages. October 2 was week 2 of the series. You can see the notes below or download them here.

  1. Have you purchased a gadget, like Pastor Daniel’s flashlight, that looked great, but it ended up a dud? If so, what was it?
  2. In Christ’s Word to the Ephesian church, what are the three main commendations that he gives? By which of these do you feel encouraged? Which commendation do you need to grow in by God’s grace?
  3. What major concern does Jesus have for the Ephesians?
  4. What in your life competes for becoming your first love in place of Jesus?
  5. Why do you think it is that, even more than correct doctrine, as important as that is, joyfully and actively loving Jesus is the best way to shine the light of the gospel?
  6. What are the three action steps that Jesus gives (2:5a) to renew your love for God and others? How can we encourage one another as a church to keep Jesus as our first love?
  7. What caution/warning does Jesus give if we do not repent of abandoning our first love (2:5b)? How do you feel about this?
  8. How are we to “overcome” and “conquer” and be enabled “to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God” (2:7)? Read 1 John 5:3-5 which is a key passage in understanding how a person truly “conquers” and “overcomes”.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to give us ears to hear how we can keep from losing our first love for God and others.