Revelation to the 7even - Pergamum

This week during our Revelation to the 7even series we are studying Revelation 2:12-17. Sunday, October 16 was week 4 of the series. You can see the notes below or download them here.

Pray that God will bless your time of fellowship in his Word.

  1. When you’ve run your race, and your life on earth has ended,
  2. what would you most like to be remembered for?
  3. What did Jesus commend the Pergamum church for (v. 13)? Why was it so challenging for them in their city? What, over your time following Jesus thus far, would he most commend you for?
  4. How was the Pergamum Church being corrupted (vv. 14-15)? What do you think Jesus wanted them to do about it?
  5. In what ways do you think the church is in danger of being corrupted by the teaching of Balaam and the Nicolaitans today?
  6. What comes to mind when you hear the word “repent”?
  7. Where in your life do you allow your identity to be shaped more by culture than Christ? In all honesty, where has Satan, the lying serpent, most tempted you to disbelieve God’s Word (the Bible) in order to conform to cultural pressure?
  8. What is the three-fold reward Jesus promises to the conquerors (v. 17)? How does Jesus, the heavenly Manna (John 6), feed and nourish you?

Pray that our vision of Jesus would be bigger then ever before. Pray for conviction to resist compromising the truth of Christ. Pray that we would fully embrace the identity that we have been given through Jesus’s love for us.