War Prayer - Setting Your Sights On the Right Target

Pastor Daniel began our Words of a War Prayer series by preaching Setting Your Sights On the Right Target from Matthew 6:9-13.

During this series our small groups will be studying through Jesus' prayer. Join a Small Group and continue the conversation and learning through the week!

Small Group Notes for Week One

[Download in PDF]

Pray that God will bless your time of fellowship in his Word.

  1. What images or thoughts come to mind when you hear the word "prayer"? What role did prayer play in your family’s life when you were growing up?
  2. Why do you think prayer is one of the most natural activities that we can do? How does one’s view of God affect one’s view of prayer?
  3. What does praying in Jesus’ name have to do with having access to God’s presence? Do you think you have such access yourself? What are your reasons for saying yes or no?
  4. How is the Holy Trinity involved in our prayers?
  5. What were the dangers regarding giving, prayer, and fasting, that Jesus warned us about in Matthew chapter six? What is a hypocrite, and how can you avoid being one?
  6. As laid out in Matthew 6:9-13, how many petitions are there in the Lord’s Prayer? Describe the purpose of the first set of petitions, and then the second set of petitions.
  7. In what sense should every prayer be a mirror of the Lord’s Prayer? Illustrate ways in which the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer is to be used to shape all our prayers.
  8. What changes, if any, will you endeavor to make this week in your prayer life?

Ask for a volunteer to be a prayer advocate for your small group. Someone who will discreetly communicate prayer requests among your group members and log answers to prayer. Then close in prayer for one another and for our church family as we together study this important matter of prayer.