February 2019

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Our MINI ON MARRIAGE SERIES continues this Sunday and finishes up at the Marriage Retreat at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre on February 22-23. For more info on the retreat, or to sign up, contact Pastor Daniel [daniel.cormier@nmbc.ca] or Mark Flawn [flonzie1@gmail.com].


ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING - Join us for a continental breakfast at 8:30am with the meeting starting at 9:00am on Saturday, February 16. The governance board will be proposing some revisions to NMBC’s By-Laws and Regulations. Documents for the meeting are available at the Welcome Centre or by following the link http://bit.ly/NMBCToday. If you have any questions please contact the Moderator, Jeremy Bast at jeremy.bast@outlook.com.

March 2019



I’m excited to announce we’re hosting our 1st Worship Circle on Friday, March 8 from 6:30-8pm. All ages are welcome to gather in the lobby to sing and play together using as many acoustic instruments as can fit in the room. Here’s what you’re  encouraged to bring: an acoustic guitar or acoustic bass, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and hand percussion (shakers, cajon, tambourines, etc). And of course come prepared to sing your heart out as we join together on familiar worship songs and learn from each other. Can’t wait to see you! Have questions? paul.fowler@nmbc.ca

Here are some benefits from joining in on a worship circle (as noted by DanWilt.com)

• Young people gain confidence in both playing instruments and flowing in worship expression.

• Older people break out of their confines and try new things.

• The “all-age” dynamic brings people together.

• Songs are taught to small group leaders.

• Band members learn how to linger in a song, rise and fall with dynamics, and respond musically to changes.

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