2017 Bible And Life Conferences [Fall].jpg

Our second BIBLE & LIFE CONFERENCE will focus on Christ-Centered Relationships on Friday and Saturday November 17-18.

God created people to be in relationships. In fact, we are designed to be in a wide range of relationships so that our Christ-centered character shapes and influences those around us. Join us for our next Bible & Life Conference as we explore together how the gospel in us shapes our relationships with people at work, at school, in our family, on social media and more. Add November 17-18 on your calendar and plan to attend.

Cost: $10 per person, $15 per couple, $5 per child [grades p-5]. $25 per family. If cost is an issue, no worries, just speak to one of our pastors and come along. If you are able to give more to help cover the costs for others, thank you. We want the Bible & Life Conferences to be something that no one would want to miss.

Workshops to be updated soon. We are also pleased to have an Interactive children's program for children in grades p-5.

Registration will open soon at our NMBC office or at the Connections Centre. For more information contact Pastor Daniel Cormier at daniel.cormier@nmbc.ca